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Ramachandra Guha

An acclaimed Indian historian and writer whose research interest includes social, political and environmental history. He is also a columnist for The Telegraph and Hindustan Times. A regular contributor to various academic journals, Guha has also written for The Caravan and Outlook magazines. He has held the position of Philippe Roman Chair of International Affairs and History at the London school of Economics. His large body of work, covering a wide range of fields and yielding a number of rational insights has made him a significant figure in historical studies and Guha is valued as one of the major historians of the late twentieth and early twenty-first centuries

His most noted books are “India After Gandhi” and “India Before Gandhi”. He has won many awards and accolades including the  “Padma Bhushan” in 2009 and “Sahitya Akademi Award” for ‘India After Gandhi in 2011.