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Qaisra Shahraz

Qaisra Shahraz is a British-Pakistani, award-winning and critically acclaimed novelist and scriptwriter. Born in Pakistan, she has lived in Manchester (UK) since childhood and gained two Masters Degrees in English & European literature and script writing for television.

She recently won the prestigious ‘National Diversity Lifetime Achiever Award’ for her ‘Services to Literature, Education, Gender and Interfaith Activism’. In 2012, Qaisra was recognised as being one of 100 influential Pakistani women in the ‘Pakistan Power 100 List’. Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts Qaisra is a former Director of Gatehouse Books and an Advisor to ‘Asia Pacific Writers and Translators partnership’ & ‘International Journal of Research and Humanities Studies.’

Her novels have been translated into many languages, including Chinese. Her novel The Holy Woman won the Golden Jubilee award, was ‘Best Book of the Month’ at Waterstones bookstore and became a bestseller in Indonesia and Turkey. Qaisra has aso penned many short stories and contributed extensively to many periodicals. Her novels The Holy Woman, Typhoon, and short story ‘A Pair of Jeans’ are studied in universities and schools, including in Germany. A critical analysis of her works has been done in a book entitled The Holy and the Unholy: Critical Essays on Qaisra Shahraz’s Fiction (2011).

Qaisra has enjoyed another successful career in education as an Ofsted inspector, a quality manager, consultant and teacher trainer, including working under the auspices of the British Council. Trustee of Manchester Multi Faith Centre, and Co-Chair of Faith Network 4 Manchester she currently devotes a lot of her time and energies to interfaith activities to promote messages of peace, tolerance, and building cultural bridges in the UK and abroad through her literary tours.

Qaisra has strong links with India and Kerala. She is a patron of ‘Jasmine Groves’, a Keralite literary group. In 2014 she inaugurated The International DC Book Fair in Kochi, where she launched her novel Typhoon and Jeans in the Malayalam language, published by DC Books.