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María Reimóndez

María Reimóndez is a Galician translator, interpreter, writer and activist. She has published poetry collections such as Moda Galega (Galician Fashion, 2002) and Presente Continuo (Present Continuous, 2013); novels for both adults and children such as O club da calceta (The Knitting Club, 2006, translated into Italian, Spanish and French, with a theatre adaptation by Teatro do Morcego and a film version produced by Ficción Producciones), En vías de extinción (Endangered Species, 2014, translated into Spanish), A música dos seres vivos (The Music of Living Beings, 2015) and essays. She has received several prestigious awards in Galicia including the Xerais novel award for Dende o conflito (Conflict Zones, 2014), the Plácido Castro award for translation and the Award for Author of the Year by the Galician Publishers Association in 2014. She has a long connection to Tamil Nadu and has translated authors such as Salma, Kutti Revathi, Malathi Maitri, Sukirtharani and Thamizhachi into Galician.