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Dag Øistein Endsjø

Dag Øistein Endsjø is a professor in the Study of Religion and Norway’s most translated scholar in religion, specialising on how religions shape the way we think and act about sex. His book Sex and Religion. Teachings and Taboos in the History of World Faiths, which has been published in English, Bulgarian, Chinese, Italian, Macedonian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Serbian, Swedish, and Ukrainian, shows how there is nothing natural or self-evident about the ways in which various religions bless or condemn various forms of sexuality. Whether something is sacred or an abomination depends entirely on how a religion defines it.

Endsjø has also worked extensively with the beliefs in physical immortality, having published the comprehensive The History of Immortality. From the Resurrection of Christ to Zombies, Antioxidants and Children in the Fire (as of now only in Norwegian), and Greek Resurrection Beliefs and the Success of Christianity, which presents how Christian resurrection beliefs also connect to ancient Greek beliefs in resurrection and physical immortality.