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Bama Soosairaj

Bama also known as Bama Faustina Soosairaj, is a Tamil Dalit feminist, committed teacher and novelist. Her autobiographical novel Karukku (1992), that chronicles the joys and sorrows experienced by a Dalit Christian women in Tamil Nadu brought her the fame. She has written twenty short stories. Bama’s novels focus on caste and gender discrimination. They portray caste-discrimination practised in Christianity and Hinduism. When the novel Karukku was published in 1992 , Bama was ostracised from her village for portraying it in poor light and was not allowed to enter it for the next seven months. But the novel was critically acclaimed and won the Crossword Book Award in 2000. Bama followed it with Sangati and Kusumbukkaran. Karukku has been translated to English and Kusumbukkaran and Sangati to French.