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Friendship and changing society

 11th / Feb / 2018 - By Admin

  The Ezhuthola stage of KLF 2018 hosted a very firing discussion on the controversial topic, “campus life and friendship” among the most about panelists including Rahul and Vijil representation of campus parties Shani popular media reporter, Shabitha former teacher and the Ummer head of higher secondary the sessions was initiated by Sh...

Democracy Dictatorship and Totalitarianism

 11th / Feb / 2018 - By Admin

  The talk was done with K Venu who is an Indian political and social activist and communist thinkers from the state of Kerala, K V Jyothish.  Jyothish opens his views points on topic and welcomed Venu to speak about the topic. He started by saying that the relevance is topic in the current situation of contemporary world, to know about de...

Popular fiction Chick lit and the mass

 11th / Feb / 2018 - By Admin

  An engaging discussion was held among prominent writer of popular fiction, Kamala Govind, Batten Bose and K V Thomas moderated by K A Francis editor of Malayala Manorama Weekly, the largest circulated weekly in India. The session was initiated by K A Francis who pointed out the lack of popularity of popular fiction in Kerala unlike its we...

Kerala has not yet sparkled –Sunil P Ilayidom

 11th / Feb / 2018 - By Admin

  The final day witnessed a politically important session on the topic ‘Constitution and Civil Rights’ held at the venue of Ezhuthola. The discussion moderated became fruitful with the valuable opinions of renowned personalities like Kanam Rajendran, Ajitha and Sunil P Ilayidom. The session was moderated by Abdul Hakeem. The constitu...

Soviet Literature its contribution to Malayalam

 11th / Feb / 2018 - By Admin

  The last day of KLF sparkled with meaning full discussion on the topic soviet literature and its contribution to Malayalam. The discussion was enriched with the presence of famous personalilties like M A Baby, Binoy Viswom, E P Rajagopalan and K A Beena at the stage Thulika. Soviet literature brought out large contribution in Malayalam...

“Malayalees need to smile, keep an open heart to tourism” -Kannanthanam

 10th / Feb / 2018 - By Admin

India has very old and wide range of cultural heritage, but the people here need to open up to tourism. Alphonse Kannanthanam Union Minister and head of state Tourism department spoke at the open discussion with N.S. Sajith. He approached the discussion with humorous yet serious approach and discussed on the topic Crafting Regional Growth Interv...

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