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Popular fiction Chick lit and the mass

  1140 Feb 2018 - By Admin


An engaging discussion was held among prominent writer of popular fiction, Kamala Govind, Batten Bose and K V Thomas moderated by K A Francis editor of Malayala Manorama Weekly, the largest circulated weekly in India. The session was initiated by K A Francis who pointed out the lack of popularity of popular fiction in Kerala unlike its western counterpart Kamala Govind who penned 120 popular fiction novels expressed her gratitude towards her readers who accepted her whole heartedly despite the harsh criticisms faced by popular fiction.

K V Thomas confessed that he used to criticize popular fiction in the past even questioning its existence. He admitted his mistake and praised popular fiction for bridging the gap between literature and common people. He opined that literature can be anything which pleaser readers and takes them to new realms of knowledge.

A prolonged interactive session followed where one of the audiences questioned the divide existing between popular fiction and literature which was confirmed by Kamala Govind. The session was concluded by the moderator who opined that popular fiction which gives malayalee women the courage to face any obstacle confidently required to be accepted on a higher level.