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Kerala has not yet sparkled –Sunil P Ilayidom

  1132 Feb 2018 - By Admin


The final day witnessed a politically important session on the topic ‘Constitution and Civil Rights’ held at the venue of Ezhuthola. The discussion moderated became fruitful with the valuable opinions of renowned personalities like Kanam Rajendran, Ajitha and Sunil P Ilayidom. The session was moderated by Abdul Hakeem.

The constitution was the basis of the government and the biggest challenge faced was that the transformation of political majority to the communal majority. The present political and the communal were seriously questioned and discussed during the session. The main threat of that the majority is never concerned about the civil rights of Adivasi’s and minority sections was pointed out by Sunil P Ilayidom. He also critically scrutinized the civil rights which were never given to the children of Kerala.

It was a great insight to the audience the moment when Ajitha shared her anxieties about the participation of females and transgender in any of the discussions. She also expressed her disagreement and strong protest against the nature of modern Medias. The tradition culture of India that were reflected in the books of historians were added about the united participation of people without regarding the community or religion in public renaissance. The session ended up by reflecting upon the realities of Kerala society particularly that of prevailing educational systems and the communal distinctions that were seen everywhere even at the food fest of KLF 2018.