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Friendship and changing society

  1102 Feb 2018 - By Admin


The Ezhuthola stage of KLF 2018 hosted a very firing discussion on the controversial topic, “campus life and friendship” among the most about panelists including Rahul and Vijil representation of campus parties Shani popular media reporter, Shabitha former teacher and the Ummer head of higher secondary the sessions was initiated by Shani by sharing her campus life experience and opinioned that friendship is an individual’s privacy and no person has the right to interfere in it. She also claimed that the strongest friendship is formed in campus. Ummer stated that the problem is new with the friendship is being watched. Further Rahul noted that teachers don’t require playing the role of parents all they have to do is be a good teacher. Discussion became more exciting and the number of listeners started increasing. Further the discussion was carried on to the importance of considering the transgenders and the issue of addressing them as an entirely different category. A competent talk and the urge to raise more points were seen in the panel. Forcefully an interactions session was followed in which many raged youth expressed their disagreement as well as questions towards the panelists. It was very raging difficult for the handle the ranging audience and finally the sessions winded up with a large round of applause.