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The Voice of Dissent: Oorali to perform

  3106 Dec 2017 - By Admin

Oorali is a perfect dose of music, drama and art as they not only entertain the crowd but never forget to address certain social realities happening around us. They make us think and realize the hard truth.
When they were called a music band its lead guitarist Saji Kadampattil opined that “Calling us a band would be something like isolating us to a single musical genre. Since all of us come from a strong theatrical background, our performances are laced with acts that we improvise according to the audience we have”.
What make their music garner attention are the themes they deal with—social issues that everyone is aware of but turn a blind eye to.
Recently the band protested against the case of a 19-year-old Dalit boy named Vinayakan who was picked up by two police officials in Thrissur and tortured to such an extent that the young boy took his own life for he was accused for having long hair and talked to girls.
Oorali protested against it in a campaign called ‘Freak Saturday’—a campaign spearheaded by the group along with few other bands at Thekkinkad Ground, inviting anyone and everyone in the city to protest against Vinayakan’s death. Shortly after the campaign DGP addressed the issue. While the money collected on the event was handed over to the victim’s family.
Such a socially committed band is coming to celebrate the voice of dissent at the third edition of Kerala literature Festival 2018 happening on the beach of Kozhikode from 8th February onwards. Come join us at the beach for the literary extravaganza hailed as the second largest literature festival in Asia.

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