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The greatest challenge faced by media workers was translation

  2227 Jun 2018 - By Admin


The talk began with a question raised to V Madhusoodanan Nair, “Is language equally competing with the growing education? He addressed language as the essence of a society. His opinion was that one’s language can be developed only if one can mingle with his own culture and society. He cited several examples which prove that a malayali is yearning more for foreign language than his own.He concluded by telling that for growing language we need a growing urge in us to increase our wealth in language.

Then the question was raised to V Karthikeyan regarding the problems faced by the Kerala Bhasha Institute. He began his talk by complaining about the absence of women on the dais. He stated that the institution is all set to face all the criticisms towards it. He opined that the language was not the problem, the access ways of education was the problem. He suggested the histories to e taught in one’s mother tongue.

Venugopal Panicker was asked whether the Malayalam language is growing or not and he answered it by saying language is changing but it is difficult to ascertain whether the change is its growth or not.

When asked ‘Is a malayali productive’, P Pavithran emphasized on the application of Malayalam language in eth educational systems and the problems faced by Malayalam language due to transition from agricultural era to industrial era.

Watch the complete session: