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Social Media activism is immature –Civic Chandran

  1157 Feb 2018 - By Admin


Social media activism is immature in its strategy said Civic Chandran. He was addressing the audience of KLF in a session titled Activism in the age of social media. The tradition of activist writing in Kerala dates back to the period of V T Bhattathiripad who fought against the evils of caste system. Nothing will hinder a writer to become an activist and vice versa.

Mahaswetha Devi is an example. Social media offers a large platform for freedom of expression. Writers should accept the criticisms in social media. There is no need in showing intolerance towards such criticisms, Civic Chandran added.

Deedi Damodaran who participated in the discussion viewed the activism in social media in a feministic perspective. She emphasized the importance of female visibility as a means of protest. On contrary to Civic’s argument she opined that social media is a culturally matured form of expression.

M R Renukumar spoke about the interconnections of writing and activism. He prefers to make sound until get silenced.He also made a comment on the influence of globalization and colonial modernity in people’s expressions.