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Rescue LOVE!

  250 Jun 2018 - By Admin


The session titled Does love has a religion? held at the third edition of Kerala Literature Festival is gaining attention in the current scenario of the state. Kevin and Athira are some of the very recent victims of love, they lost their lives for they loved someone.

How can a beautiful emotion like love can ever take a life? What has happened to the society? Why is love forbidden? When the society fails to punish the murderers and rapists why do they target those in love? Is love conditional? Is loving someone a crime?

The history has to be revisited to find some answers. The panelists including B.R.P. Bhaskar, K.P. Ramanunni, K.E.N. Kunjahammed, Khadeeja Mumtaz, Bhagyalakshmi, E.K. Sheeba, Ajith M.S talks on the topic supported with their sharp views and life experiences. The session is going viral after the mishap reported in the state.

Watch the session: