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Prakash Raj in focus

  1235 Mar 2018 - By Admin


There are two kinds of actors in this country, actors who speaks others lines and actors who speak his lines. I speak my own lines” –Prakash Raj

Prakash Raj is an Indian film actor, film director, producer, thespian and television presenter. He had won national award for best supporting actor, special mention, best actor and for best feature film in Kannada. Raj was banned by Telugu film producers six times in the past.

Prakash reacted to it by saying, “If people who work with me say that I play hide and seek, why do they repeat me? Why am I in Mahesh’s nine films out of his ten. Why don’t you judge me with my work? How I go about it is not important. I don’t go by the rules. I put my foot down, I don’t take mediocrity. There are certain locations where I can come only at 12 in the morning. I don’t go by the rules.

Prakash Raj had adopted the villages of Kondareddipalle in Mahabubnagar District, Telangana state and Bandlarahatti in Chitradurga district, Karnataka state.

Raj spoke at KLF 2018 about Censorship in India, Films, Political parties, the clichés associated with it and much more

Watch the complete session here: