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OFIR – Multicultural Food Festival to engulf Kozhikode

  503 Jan 2018 - By Admin

OFIR is envisioned as Kozhikode’s premier multicultural food festival for years to come, eventually drawing a global audience on par with the Kochi Muziris Biennale.
OFIR celebrates the rich multicultural heritage of Kozhikode through the cuisines of the various countries and communities that have been part of the region’s colourful history.

Although an independent event, the first edition of OFIR (2018) will be associated with the Kerala Literature Festival. The Kerala Literature Fest, being held annually in Kozhikode Beach since 2016, has grown to become Asia’s second biggest literature festival, with a footfall of about 300,000 in 2017. The KLF 2018 brings together nationally and internationally significant personalities including award-winning authors, publishers, business and political leaders from India and Europe.

Held across the road from the KLF venue, OFIR will be specially featured in the KLF 2018 program, including in on-stage discussions on food.

OFIR distinguishes itself from the usual food festivals in the region by going beyond the ‘eat and walk away’ model. Rather, OFIR will have table-top exhibitions, cookery demonstrations, cultural performances, as well as discussions on the cultural and historic aspects of food.

The first edition of OFIR (2018) will bring together 11 different communities who have historically been part of Kozhikode, including cuisines by Anglo-Indians, Thiyyas, Tribals, Parsis, Bohras, Mappilas, and so on.

Breaking the stereotypical association of Kozhikode with just ‘Malabari cuisine’, OFIR aims to enrich and diversify what food means to Kozhikode, and what Kozhikode means to the world.

The name OFIR brings curiosity to minds and the name do have a ‘a story to tell’ derived originally from Ophir -a part-mythical, part-historic port city in Asia from which spices and other precious goods were shipped to the rest of the world.

OFIR comes from a cultural revival that Kozhikode now promises, including in literary, artistic, architectural, culinary and other areas. The people behind OFIR are the ones who have pioneered the revival of the Gujarathi Street in the South Beach area, bringing to it architects, designers, cafes, and restaurants, and attracting many more key cultural players, besides winning a large infrastructural grant from the Government to develop the area even further.

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