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Islam and Islamic states

  407 Feb 2017 - By SUBEDITOR DCB

A power packed talk on the topic ‘Islam and Islamic states’ thrilled the audience at the venue Aksharam. Different aspects of Islam were discussed in connection with the ISIS issues. The main point put forth in this session was the ideology and common concept of ISIS which is a product of salafism.
The spreading feeling of islamophobia and the identity crisis that each of the musilm faces was the point produced by moderator, V Abdul Latheef at the introductory part of the session.
“The invasions of external forces and the destruction at the internal level have weakened Islam and set fertile land for the growth of ISIS became the central point of N P Chekutti’s talk. He also said that Islamic Intellectuals should aso involve in political social and economic issues. Ashraf kadakkal said that the Jamaath-e-islami should give a check on their policies which restricts islmas views nly to a religious perspective rather than widening the thoughts. The final talk was given by Hameed Chennamangalur who stated many historic facts in the origin and spreading of Islam through wars. He also said that nowadays modern activists such as Taslima nasrin, Salman Rushdie etc are rejected and criticized by muslim sitself where our thoughts are merely shrinking into an orthodox level. The session was open for audience’s question and several controversies were discussed.