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How can you call a society educated if they divide people on the basis of caste creed and colour?

  401 Feb 2017 - By SUBEDITOR DCB

The second day of the KLf 2017 saw the big guns of Malayalam literature taking it out on the topic “The philosophy of Sree Narayana Guru :Percept and practice”. The members of the panel included the prolific Malayalam author Perumbadavam Sreedharan, contemporary writer and critic Sunil P Ilayidom , J Reghu, and Dilip Raj. The session was moderated by Sajeev P V
“The greatest contribution of Sree Narayana Guru to this world is his ideals on gaining knowledge”. Dilip Raj kicked off the session through his views on Guru’s philosophy about the power of Knowledge. He said that guru believed in a worldly concept that every moment our body goes through changes.
He also argued that dalit matters and views on Guru’s life are discussed at different places where as it should be discussed in the same place.
Ajay Sekhar criticized about how Guru’s life and teachings are linked with Hindutva views.”Sree Narayana can never be considered as a hindu saint”. HE always stood for the communal harmony, even quoting Guru’s “One god one religion one caste”. The silence of the audience broke with applause when he said that there should be complete liberation from the hands of caste.
Perumbadavam Sreedharan said that Hinduism was purified through guru’s life. He said that the main inspiration for guru to lead a saint’s life was because of the prevalent caste and inter caste division and untouchability during his time which was dividing the society so bad that someone should come out and show them the right path. He even asked that “How can you call a society educated if they divide people on the basis of caste creed and colour?’
The session came to an end with moderator Sajeev P V emphasizing the need to have an exclusive reading on the teaching of Guru and following his philosophies.