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An Irish blessing

  1116 Feb 2018 - By Admin


It was an interesting session with Alan Titley  and Dr.Bindu Amaat. Titley began the session stating that the Irish people had abandoned their language and adopted English. He explained the scope of Irish literature and its competence with English literature. He was a man very fond of reading. He noted that he decided to write in Irish as he believed that Irish Literature has explained him the country like no other literature. He further spoke about the Abbey Theatre and the various ways in which it had influenced the Irish literature. The session was made more interesting with readings from his works. Titley shared his experiences of Journey to the jungles of Cameroon and he stated that those experiences lead him to writing of a new book. Residence in Nigeria was a huge turning point in his life. Execution of people in Africa created an impact on his writings and changed his concepts on politics.

“It is very disappointing that people don’t care about what is happening to African People” stated Titley.

Royalty, religion, sex and mystery were according to him the keys for a bestseller. Later an interactive session took place in which few questions were raised. With a final narration from his book- ‘Tagann Godot- (Godot Turns up) the session was winded up.