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The digital age of Malayalam

 14th / Jun / 2018 - By Admin

  Vishwaprabha, Mahesh Mangalattu, Dr. P.K. Rajasekharan, T.V. Suneetha, Manoj K. Puthiyavila, Dr. K.M. Anil about Malayalam in the Digital Age  at KLF 2018 How far the development of technology has affected language and language related works were analyzed in the session. The session examined terms like cyber writing, Digital, computer...

I will never interfere with time as a writer -Unni R

 13th / Jun / 2018 - By Admin

  When the Story intervenes into History a session held at the third edition of Kerala lIterature Festival had K.P. Ramanunni, Aymanam John, Ambikasuthan Mangad, K.V. Mohan Kumar, Unni R., Isaac Eapen participating lively Story is the product of time. Stories written in different ages explain that particular time. To understand history s...

I don’t have the patience to write a novel – T Padmanabhan

 12th / Jun / 2018 - By Admin

  T Padmanabhan is known for creating women characters with elegance and sometimes in the rawest manner. They all had strong spaces in his stories. The short story wing of Malayalam Literature is blessed with many women characters by Padmanabhan. When asked why he limited to the world of Short stories and not novel, he replied saying, ...

Book fairs acts as the prime source of books

 07th / Jun / 2018 - By Admin

  Books are the soul of any community, they are the pillars that instill many human values and share knowledge. But due to many reasons many populations doesn’t have the access to books. In such scenarios book fairs play a major role as a source for the people to come and buy books. The history of Europe, US and even in India says so. Rav...

Democracy when threatened

 05th / Jun / 2018 - By Admin

  Democracy in India is unique as it is not formed as an end result of transfer of power. It is not handed down after the death of a king but it is formed after realizing the values and morals and the necessities of anything that is required for a person to develop and nurture. Now the democracy is questioned. May be during the emergency pe...

Rescue LOVE!

 02nd / Jun / 2018 - By Admin

  The session titled Does love has a religion? held at the third edition of Kerala Literature Festival is gaining attention in the current scenario of the state. Kevin and Athira are some of the very recent victims of love, they lost their lives for they loved someone. How can a beautiful emotion like love can ever take a life? What has...

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