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A new age of critic is in play

 12th / Jul / 2018 - By Admin

  Criticisms may not help the novel to a great extent as it was cited how a critic who wrote preface to a  popular novel withdrew his preface and tried to spread how bad the novel actually is, this incident shows how much a critic's note is valid. If Critics does not influence readers then something else will do. New ages of critics are...

A single word can let down the complete novel- Sethu

 11th / Jul / 2018 - By Admin

  M Mukundan started the session by sharing his experiences in transliteration of novels. The best award for translation is crossword award and is that is taken as a bench mark it is to be noted that out of its 15 awards 7 are won by Malayali writers which is prestigious for us. But all these translated works are distributed only in India....

Censorship is not a rule but a tool for all to reject a film from a fest or from any platforms -Sanalkumar

 10th / Jul / 2018 - By Admin

  Censorship is different in countries; in a democratic country like India why there is a censorship as cinema is an art like book doesn’t have censorship film should not but categories can be added like warnings. Censorship is going beyond limits that even fictional characters are questioned based on caste and religion. Beena Paul sha...

There is no difference between science and myth – Viswananthan Chathoth

 09th / Jul / 2018 - By Admin

  A panel of four personalities -Anand, Dr. K.N. Ganesh, Dr. C.V. Mohan Das, Hameed Chennamangaloor, Viswanathan Chathoth, Shiju R who have conducted numerous researches and studies in the field of myth reason and science. The session was initiated by Anand being asked to comment on the declining value of ancient myth reason and science of...

My Body My Choice –B Arundhati

 04th / Jul / 2018 - By Admin

  Costumes and it’s politics is serious issue to talk about. Our dressing is being questioned daily. It’s got into more of a complex stage. Beyond being the male- female body. Clothes were once connected to caste system. Now it has moved beyond all that and has even emerged in a male chauvinistic attributes. With ‘ Maar Marakkal Samar...

Muziris: Where does the discussion go from here?

 03rd / Jul / 2018 - By Admin

  This was a session to discuss in one way sort of critical appraisal of achievement at the site of Muziris and asking the question academically where it tends to go with an implicit presumption that the panel would be debating in terms of appraisal and the academic turn likely to take. A very interesting session on this topic was made b...

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