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KLF, recognized as one of the best platforms among the Lit Fests in India, we are committed to adding value to the community,  who  has been wholeheartedly supporting us for the last two editions of the fest. We envision KLF to become a  platform for exchange of ideas and conversations. To further our commitment of enriching  the community, we plan on extending the the exchange of ideas and knowledge dissemination  of KLF to local schools in the region. Interactions with school children     Authors , Artists , Politicians , Scientists etc are requested to speak at public schools in Calicut.

Under the overview of MLA A Pradeep Kumar , government schools in Kozhikode are under a major  overhaul to modernize into schools equipped to nurture future citizens and thinkers. GVHSS Nadakkavu is a model school for future modernizations planned by the Mr Pradeep Kumar. There are about 8 such schools which are all being modernized for better teaching and infrastructural facilities. With each edition of KLF we hope that such interactions with school students annually will leave an impact on the community.